IT outsourcing spending is projected to reach $519 billion in 2023. Many businesses delegate their IT support responsibilities to managed IT services – but why?

If you are considering outsourcing IT support services, you should weigh the benefits of internal and external IT. This will help you to reach a decision that suits your business needs.

Keep reading as we explore the benefits of outsourcing IT support services for your business so that you can evaluate your options.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Support Services?

Let’s explore what you stand to gain from outsourcing your IT support.

Cost Advantages

Managing an internal IT support team can incur the following costs:

  • Recruitment – you must pay to find new hires and staff your IT team.
  • Onboarding – you must organise training and fund training for new employees.
  • Salaries – you must fund the salaries of all IT employees within your business infrastructure.

Managing and maintaining an internal IT team can often be more expensive and complex than outsourcing IT support services. In addition, hiring internal IT teams can be unattainable for small businesses, and managed services provide a more attainable option. The pricing plans are fully scalable, ensuring small businesses can access the necessary resources without paying more.

Wider Range Of Expertise

You are limited to their specific skillset when you hire internal IT teams. With managed IT services, there is a broader pool of expertise. This means you can access more skill sets without hiring more employees. Your IT service provider will be up-to-date with the latest industry trends, allowing them to provide fresh insight into your IT infrastructure.

Improving Internal Operations

Using managed IT services can drive innovation if you already have an internal IT team. Your internal team, with intimate knowledge of your business operations, will be able to focus on progressive strategies – while your outsourced team manages your existing infrastructure.

More Efficient Resolution For Technical Difficulties

When you experience technical difficulties and faults, your internal IT team may have other responsibilities that render them unable to attend to these issues. This can cause delays in IT troubleshooting and resolution, inhibiting productivity. With managed IT services, you can resolve technical difficulties more efficiently, ensuring that productivity is a top priority.

What Are The Benefits Of Internal IT Services?

Although outsourcing IT services has its advantages, you can benefit from using internal IT teams, too. Combining internal and outsourced IT services can create an airtight IT strategy. Here are the benefits of internal IT services:

  • In-depth business knowledge – a managed IT service may not have the in-depth business knowledge that an internal IT team can achieve. Using internal teams allows you to focus on leveraging IT for your business goals and more industry-specific purposes.
  • Proximity – an internal IT team will be on hand in your offices to assist others directly and will have instant access to resources for your business.


When weighing the benefits of outsourcing IT services, it’s essential to understand that internal and outsourced IT aren’t mutually exclusive. You can leverage both to create an IT strategy driven by innovation and industry-specific knowledge.

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