In today’s competitive business landscape, the importance of customer satisfaction cannot be overstated. A recent survey has revealed that 80% of customers consider a company’s services to be just as crucial as its products when evaluating their overall satisfaction. 

As customer interactions increasingly rely on digital platforms, the role of customer-facing technology becomes paramount. By strategically optimising and embracing such technology, businesses can enhance the convenience and efficiency of the customer experience, thereby gaining a significant competitive advantage. 

How can customer-facing technology improve your business against its competitors?

In this article, we will delve deeper into the potential benefits and strategies for leveraging customer-facing technology to elevate your business in the eyes of your customers.

What Is Customer-Facing Technology?

Customer-facing technology refers to any cloud-based app, website, or digital interface that your customers interact with as part of the customer journey. It allows your customers to make purchases, ask questions, and view product information without assistance from a customer service representative. 

Here are some of the best uses for customer-facing technology:

  • Gauging behavioural trends – by digitising the customer journey, you can collect data to provide insight into customer behavioural trends. This lets you optimise your digital interfaces to encourage purchases or provide more user-friendly navigation.
  • Marketing initiatives – you can use a digital interface to gain more customer feedback, implement surveys and increase awareness of loyalty schemes to build customer devotion.
  • Purchases – customer-facing technology is a powerful tool for marketing products and enhancing the sensory experience of purchase pages to drive successful sales.

The above instances demonstrate how valuable customer-facing technology can be for B2B and eCommerce sites.

Competitive Advantages Of Customer-Facing Technology

Let’s explore some of the ways improving customer-facing technology and staying aware of technological trends can give you an edge over your competitors.

Ease Of Use

When considering how your business is performing in line with competitors, evaluating your site’s ease of use is essential. Customers are more likely to use your competitor’s sites if they provide a more convenient and straightforward interface. Therefore, by prioritising enhancing customer-facing technology, you can gain a competitive advantage.

More Insight Into Customer Habits

When you digitise the customer journey, you can track a customer’s behaviour on your site. This allows you to curate your web pages based on customer habits and ensure the sensory experience of your site encourages sales and leads.

Data Analytics

When you adopt customer-facing technology, you can use data analytics to compare your conversions to your competitors. You can see how well their pages perform compared to yours, allowing you to address any underlying issues with your existing user interface and adopt more competitive strategies.

Promoting Your Loyalty Schemes, Offers, and Implementing Surveys

Your customer-facing technology provides a platform for you to encourage customer and brand loyalty. You can use notifications to keep customers updated on loyalty schemes and offers. You can also implement surveys to gauge how well your customer-facing technology is performing and assess the customer experience.


Customer-facing technology is at the heart of both eCommerce and B2B businesses. By adopting more refined customer-facing technology, you can gain a competitive advantage – focusing on ease of use and improving the customer journey.

If you need help improving your digital customer interactions, contact our HelpDesk Computers team. We provide managed IT services to support your digital interactions and help you gain a more competitive advantage.